News-New Security Measures on Chinese Domain
New Security Measures on Chinese Domain
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New Security Measures on Chinese Domain-http://domain/xyz-domain-registration.php


In a very strict and controlled Internet environment such as the one existing in China, there

 is no surprise that the Chinese government has only approved eight domain names companies 

and fourteen new TLDS ones.

According to their press release, stressing the big number of Internet users and customers,

much stricter control is to be expected soon on their market. There is an announced participation

from Brandma.Co's representatives at the next ICANN meetings during the 21st and 25th event in 

Argentina where registries and registrars will have the possibility to interact and close deals.

These measures were announced on the website of China's media bureau, called Cyberspace 

Administration of China, and are being motivated by the need to increase Internet usage safety 

for the Chinese users. They are expected to be implemented within a period of six months, starting 

from April this year.

Since there is a high pressure from the government to comply with this (registrars in China have 

already been notified, and well known extensions like .com, .org or .co and .me were told to make 

the necessary changes),and there has also been issued a recommendation from Mr. Ching Chiao, 

CEO of Brandma.CO that tells operators should develop new strategies for the new Internet 

environment, the websites domain names providers started to voluntarily modify the ones which 

are not allowed by their regulatory office.

According to Ms. Cathy Peng, an expert within Brandma, the newly implemented measures are 

compared to ICANN's application process, only in Mandarin variant, requiring a proper understanding 

about their regulatory system. Thus, this concludes the waiting period from the Chinese government

and leads to the proactive phase, the one involving knowing in a higher degree the organizations 

behind each domain name.


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