News-Why do people try sell domain names on eBay?
Why do people try sell domain names on eBay?
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Or do they have another purpose for listing domains for sale on eBay?


Believe it or not, there are currently over 14,000 listings in the Domain Names section on eBay.


Why do people try sell domain names on eBay?


That's a lot of active listings for a site that most domain name investors never visit. Why is this? Are people actually making money selling domains on eBay, or do they use it for some other purpose (such as driving clicks to domain names)?


Looking more closely, there are only about 1,000 active auction. The rest of the listings are "Buy Now/Make Offer", which makes the listings similar to those on most domain name marketplaces.


Humorously, over half of the listings in the category have been marked with the type "Premium Domain Name", If you select only the premium domains, you'll find such beauties as,, and


I count about 75 of the 1,000 auctions with bids, and only two have bids for over $100.


Why do people try sell domain names on eBay?


Some people have lofty expectations for their domain names on Ebay. can be yours for "Bargain Buy it Now Pricing" of $1,990,000.00. Before you say "Hey, that's expensive", keep in mind that the seller has an online appraisal pinning it at up to $1.41 billion.


This gets to one of my questions's this person just listing the domain for sale to get people to go visit You shouldn't go there, because you'll get a couple pop up ads, including one that tries to mimic the flash download box.


Lots of people turn to eBay to sell current event related domain names. When Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born, the owner of tried to sell it on eBay.


Original listing asked for $200,000 and claimed to have an offline offer of $68,000. Now it's up for sale just $25,000.


What gives?


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